The League

The Isle of Thanet Table Tennis Association was formed in 1937 with eight teams playing in just one division which was extended to two the following season. At that time entry to the league cost 10/6d for one team and 15/- for two, plus the princely sum of 6d for each player.

In 1939 the war years intervened and play was suspended until 1947 when thirteen clubs reformed the League into two divisions.

In 1949 two teams from Thanet were entered in the Kent League for the first time, a tradition which continues to this day.

Early Committee meeting minutes show that many Thanet players took part in County tournaments and with travel proving difficult (as very few possessed a car at the time) coach trips were arranged for players and spectators alike.

By 1950 three divisions were in existence and although the League did extend to six for one season currently it remains at three.

The ITTTA is a league based organisation which run two main competitions per year. The Winter League is a team league which is closed to fee-paying members only and several local clubs (groups of teams) compete during the season. You must be resident in the area (or at Committee's discretion, close to) and be registered with one of the club's teams and with Table Tennis England to compete (see contact page for club secretaries). Registration with a team will usually depend on ability as assessed by one or more team captains so that a player's skills can be matched with a suitable team and division.

However, one way for new players to 'try out' is to form a team and apply for the Summer Competition (entry form for each year is posted under the Summer Competitions page). It is open to suitably interested member and non-member players. In addition to providing match-play experience for a nominal amount, the Summer Competition permits the allocation of appropriate handicaps and (if appropriate and desired) assessment of a player's suitability for formal membership and consideration by team captains and/or Club Secretaries for the Winter League.

We are often contacted via the website by people wishing to play the sport. We rely on member support and the Association's main facility (which was at the Hartsdown Centre until Feb 14th 2020) are generally not intended for public use. However, we have recently introduced coaching. More details can be found on the Coaching page.

The Website

There have been previous websites for the ITTTA but this is the official, current website since 21st June 2010. The core design is licensed from a third party but the content is managed by the ITTTA. Although the website design is capable of accepting match score entries directly by team captains, this function has not been enabled because it would still require form returns for results validation.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Update

There has been a lot of information circulated regarding GDPR which is effective 25th May 2018, and we want to clarify the status for ITTTA. We are working towards a Data Privacy policy that will cover why we collect personal information about members, how your personal data is used and also your rights in relation to it. All members with an email address registered with Table Tennis England should already have received an email indicating that they have updated their policy.

GDPR rights include being able to access, correct and request deletion of personal data. When you register for the upcoming 2018-19 season we will request consent for the use of personal data, including publishing team captain contact details in handbooks and permission for photos to be published on website / social media. If in the interim you have any questions or want to exercise your individual rights, please contact a committee member.

The ITTTA Centre

The ITTTA Centre is accessible from the car park of the Hartsdown Sports Centre.

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