Season 2019/2020

PLEASE NOTE : All cup matches will be played (first player) to 25 points (no deuce). Player handicaps have been assigned below (go to the website forms page and use the handicap chart to determine start points). Each match will be 2 legs and if a draw then a deciding doubles match must be played (single leg, but can be different player pair).

Home Team responsible for the refreshments. All matches to commence 7pm. With the exception of Odds and Warriors home matches as well as the finals, all other matches to be played at St.Anthony's School Sports Hall, St. Anthony's Way, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 3RA. Odds home games and the finals to be played at the Odds Hall, Ramsgate. Warriors home games played at Unit 33A Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable.

Manually updated for handicaps only per the document date (for up to date rankings please go to the ratings page). Please note: for the 2020 season the Cup rounds are arranged as a tournament bracket to avoid the necessity for a draw every week.

ITTTA Cup Handicaps.pdf

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