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Fixtures & Results

Winter 2018/19

Odds home games played at the Odds Hall, Ramsgate.
Warriors home games played at Unit 33A Joseph Wilson Industrial Estate, Millstrood Road, Whitstable.
Vikings home games played from 7pm at St.Anthony's School Sports Hall, St. Anthony's Way, Cliftonville, Margate CT9 3RA.
All other teams play at Hartsdown.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Players and teams are reminded of Rule 8b where a match is to be played in the same half of the season as the postponement. Where this is impossible please contact a member of the Committee to provide details.

Division 2

Thanet Vikings G

October 18
Thu 4   vs. Margate C Lost 0-9Dbls 0-3 Report
Mon 8   vs. Margate B Lost 1-8Dbls 0-3 Report
Mon 15   vs. Thanet Vikings E Won 5-4Dbls 3-2 Report
Mon 22   vs. Sandwich A Won 8-1Dbls 3-2 Report
November 18
Mon 5   vs. Thanet Vikings D Lost 2-7Dbls 0-3 Report
Mon 12   vs. Cockney Rebels C Won 8-1Dbls 3-2 Report
Mon 19   vs. Thanet Vikings F Won 8-1Dbls 3-1 Report
Mon 26   vs. Margate D Won 8-1Dbls 3-2 Report
January 19
Mon 14   vs. Margate C Lost 2-7Dbls 1-3 Report
Tue 22   vs. Margate B Won 5-4Dbls 3-2 Report
February 19
Mon 4   vs. Thanet Vikings E Won 8-1Dbls 3-0 Report
Tue 12   vs. Sandwich A Won 5-4Dbls 3-0 Report
Mon 18   vs. Thanet Vikings D Lost 2-7Dbls 0-3 Report
Wed 27   vs. Cockney Rebels C Lost 4-5Dbls 1-3 Report
March 19
Mon 11   vs. Thanet Vikings F Won 5-4Dbls 2-3 Report
Wed 20   vs. Margate D Lost 4-5Dbls 2-3 Report

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